Casona Studios

We are an international organization with facilities in Los Angeles, Tenerife and Germany for like-minded artists to create, meditate and celebrate.

We offer everything from studio spaces and Airbnbs to specific workshops and retreats with the aim of bringing people together on an international scale.

••• This is us •••

Singa Diesner

Singa Diesner is a young actor and musician at heart.

Sanni Diesner

Sanni Diesner is a fashion designer and creative entreprenuer with a talent for building communities

••• Locations •••

Casona Germany

The heart of the Casona Studios os located smack in the middle of Germany.

Casona Los Angeles

"The Circle", as the Casona Studio facility in LA has come to be known, developed into a space for artists from Venice Beach and Hollywood.

Casona Tenerife

Casona Studio Tenerife is a beautiful home for creatives on one if the Canary Islands.

Create. Meditate. Celebrate.